How To Find Catcher Gear Set

Catchers gear is used to protect you from the impact of a ball or any injuries. Catchers gear is must for your safety in the game. There are numbers of similarity between softball protection equipments and baseball gear sets. Most of the girls play softball and basically softball gear has the extra something like padding. Softball has no protective cup, but it is an important portion of baseball gear.

A baseball catcher also needs a catcher’s helmet, catcher’s glove, shin protector and also a catcher’s mask. Some players have great attraction on any specific brands. Some specially love Rawlings or some specially loves Easton. It has also variations for different ages. Many kids like so much Rawlings for its great appeal. Usually each team uses any specific brand’s catchers gear sets. It is well- known that Rawlings glove is considered as the official glove of MLB.

Nowadays most people like to shop from online. You can definitely search from online for your best baseball catchers gear. You will find a wide variety of brands and numerous sites. It is easier and surely quicker to find out the musk, shin protectors or any equipment through online. In online, most of the catcher’s equipment are very easily obtainable.If anyone wants to buy from any specific brand, he can search from online by the name of the brands. Sometime it is also hard to find from online. There are numerous collections, a lot of designs, a lot colors. Actually, you may be puzzled. So you can make your decision before searching, like you can choose the Easton brand and for that you have to some clearer ideas about Easton. Make sure about what color actually you want, what is your preferred design.

Through online shopping, you may save your time. You may also keep cool in your own house, no need to go to the local shop. Incorrect choice of your baseball catchers gear will make you dissatisfied. It is also sure that your performance will not be satisfactory. Select your appropriate gear set and be satisfied while playing.

Many players claim that they spend a lot of time to find their helmet. It may happen due to the great collections of design. For your specific brand, helmet shopping will be easy. Price is also considerable. Before paying a lot, you should compare different brands and different outlets for shopping. Luckily you can get the best catchers gear set in a cheap rate.

Ace Diamonds Baseball Music

Ace Diamond: Tall Tales of the Gowell Brothers and Their Two Loves ? Baseball and Music!

Hi all, Rich Gowell aka Ace Diamond here once again, singing and swinging for the brand new album “Playin’ Baseball” that’s out now! Come on by my website or for the latest in my baseball music!

Well, you recall in our last story about “The Gowell’s”- “Larry,Dick & Bev” (family group) recounting their interesting trip to Rockland,Maine in that big snow storm in 1969! They did get regional hit record from that session with Dick’s song. “The Magic of your Love” in 1969-70 in the Central Maine area. Maybe treading through several feet of snow to record music, wasen”t such a bad idea after all !

We’ re talking a few years later here..”The Gowell”s” as a singing group were not working together at the time for various reasons..*Larry Gowell.. as you remember was playing baseball in the Yankee system and he was busy excelling as a pitcher in AA-West Haven at that time, he was selected “Right-Handed Pitcher of the year,with the West Haven,Ct. Yankee team,which went on to win the Eastern League title for skipper Bobby Cox! “Gowell” went 14-6 that season and had a fantastic year!

Meanwhile..Back home in Auburn,ME.(1972-73) singing under his real name “Rich Gowell” he decided to go back into the studio to record a follow up to “The Gowell’s” successful Recording “The Magic Of Your Love”..

‘Rich” ..later known as “Ace Diamond” was performing as a solo act at this time and Producer :Ed Boucher helped choose some good players for his record. We pulled together some of the best musicians in the Northeast for the gig, several of the players became well known in later years! We cut two songs with a spanish flavor, that we plan to re-release later on this year (2010) on an “Ace Diamond” CD album..The tunes we cut in Lewiston were..”Lovely Mexican Lady” b/w “Pretty Senorita” were recorded at EAB recording studios in Lewiston,ME. With legendary producer:Ed Boucher!

These top Notch musicians really put a shine on the two tunes that Rich penned..We had Bobby Eli on Drums, Steve Tabb on keyboards with “Denny Breau” a very talented guitarist..and Denny’s older brother the late great “Lenny (Sonny) Breau” on lead guitar..later in life he became known as one of the very best guitarist of all time! Chet Atkins stated that “Lenny Breau was the best he’d ever seen”!! (Google “Lenny” & check him out!) So, with these incredible musicians you had to have a great session!..and we sure did! That spring we released the record on our own label “Gowell Records” and it got some decent airplay in the region. That next year it was picked up by Twin Record Productions in Florida and was re-released throughout the south..It got some good reviews and airplay from Florida to Texas!

Rich Gowell (Dick) became known as “Ace Diamond” in the early 90’s! He continued singing and writing over the years and released 3-albums/CD’s(Several singles) on his own Label (Allagash Country Records)..The CD’s entitled “Colorado Rockies” .”Elvis,Jerry Lee And Me'” & “Playin’ Baseball”-This hot new Baseball music release is really starting to catch on- Watch for Ace’ s late summer 2010 release of “Pistol Packin’ Mama”! No one else does baseball music like Ace Diamond!

Check out the official website and blog at or Article Source: Turner is a web marketing expert and this article is an over view over the ongoing base ball tournament. Stay with ace diamond for updates over Baseball music

Types Of Fake Sports Autographs

Sports autographs are big business, but not as big as fake sports autographs. That’s right. Those who collect sports autographs, or even individuals looking for an autograph of their favorite star, must take special precaution to protect themselves from buying a fake autograph!

With the costs of some autographs costing thousands of dollars, learning that you have bought an autograph that is not authentic can be extremely frustrating. Those who are trying to sell fake autographs use a number of methods of getting these fake autographs, each of which you should be aware of.

The Scams of Sports Autograph Collecting

You can find sports autographs from sports stars of today as well as those from long ago. Autographs of baseball, hockey, football, basketball, NASCAR and many other sports can be found, with those items ranging from cards to t-shirts, posters and more. The costs of these items vary based on the autographed item, the sports star and other factors.

There are thousands of people across the United States who consider this a hobby or make it their goal to have the signatures of their favorite players. These people take autograph collecting very serious and often dish out the big bucks for these signed items. They are also at-risk for a fake autograph is they are not careful.

Types of Fake Autographs

A fake autograph isn’t always easy to spot, especially if you aren’t familiar with signatures and the actual autograph you are after. One of the ways that a fake autograph can be made is through forgery. Forgery occurs when a person signs the name of the sports star on the item. There are actually people who do this professional, studying carefully the way the star signs, the pens they use, etc.

An autopen is also used to produce fake autographs. This machine reproduces the signature of a sports figure so that it can be stamped over and over again. These pens are often used on mail signatures and similar items.

Reprints are also a form of fake autographs you will need to watch out for. A reprint is a copy of the actual sports star signature. These are usually the easiest to spot as the entire signature will look different. While a reprint may be great to have, you don’t want to spend tons of money for it as you would for the real thing.

Autographs are Awesome

Autographs of your favorite stars can be awesome to have, especially when they are your favorite sports stars. Now you can buy your autographs, and help this awesome hobby become even more fabulous, by ensuring you don’t fall victim to one of the above, or any of the other new scams, that are out there.

Ensure that you know what you are buying before you buy, shop with a reputable sports autograph dealer and always keep your eyes wide open and your common sense turned on. If it sounds to be good to be true, that’s because it is. Don’t allow this to ruin the joy of collecting autographs.

Head Protection Option For Safety

Like most protective gear in construction and industrial types of use, there are several choices in head protection from lightweight to heavy duty. Finding the right type of safety helmet to wear makes a big difference, especially when you are moving about. The last thing you need is a helmet that doesn’t fit right, constantly slips and moves on your head or is just uncomfortable and irritating to wear.

One of the most popular types of safety gear is the bump cap. This cap is so named because it provides solid, safe protection from the minor bumps and knocks that occur on most job sites, but it isn’t as heavy as a typically hard hat. These hats come in several different sizes including those that look like a smaller version of a hard hat and those that actually look like a hard baseball cap, complete with a brim. The standard bump cap has a polyethylene shell with a high sheen finish while the baseball style caps are covered with cotton for that true sporty look.

Both styles of these solid quality caps have adjustable suspension inside the rim of the cap. The fit can be adjusted for each wearer by simply moving the plastic band or suspension and locking in the pins into the respective holes to create just the right size. Generally most of these caps will fit any standard hat size from 6 ? inch through to 8. There are small holes along the side of the cap that provide good air circulation, great for ventilation even when working outdoors.

Hard hats are sturdier in their construction and are required on most large construction and industrial types of jobs. Most hard hats will meet the American National Standards Institute or ANSI ratings and checking this is important for compliance with regulations within specific industries. They come in a variety of colors from white to blue, green, orange, yellow and red. Many of the hard hats have venting on the side to allow for air flow, however this is optional and you can find hats without side venting. Like the bump caps the inside suspension is adjustable for a snug fit that keeps the hat correctly positioned while working.

Specialized types of head protection are also available for use as fire and rescue helmets. Although some of the models make them exclusive for fire and rescue work, there are also general use types of helmets that are great for working in areas where a hard hat isn’t practical. Since these helmets have chin straps and greater adjustment they can be secured to the head, great for situations where a lot of movement of the head and neck is required on the job.

Some of the fire and rescue options include wider brims for holding protective glasses and ear and neck protection. This protection is in the form of fire resistant fabric that covers the skin of the ears and neck with flap type coverage. Other options can include separate front and rear height adjustments, visors, face shields and ratchet types of suspension for quick adjustment for any head size.

One of the simple ways to provide a bit of extra advertisement is to customize your head protection gear with a personalized or company logo. Not only does this make your crew recognizable but it also pays off as other contractors and workers see your company name all over the job site.