Head Protection Option For Safety

Like most protective gear in construction and industrial types of use, there are several choices in head protection from lightweight to heavy duty. Finding the right type of safety helmet to wear makes a big difference, especially when you are moving about. The last thing you need is a helmet that doesn’t fit right, constantly slips and moves on your head or is just uncomfortable and irritating to wear.

One of the most popular types of safety gear is the bump cap. This cap is so named because it provides solid, safe protection from the minor bumps and knocks that occur on most job sites, but it isn’t as heavy as a typically hard hat. These hats come in several different sizes including those that look like a smaller version of a hard hat and those that actually look like a hard baseball cap, complete with a brim. The standard bump cap has a polyethylene shell with a high sheen finish while the baseball style caps are covered with cotton for that true sporty look.

Both styles of these solid quality caps have adjustable suspension inside the rim of the cap. The fit can be adjusted for each wearer by simply moving the plastic band or suspension and locking in the pins into the respective holes to create just the right size. Generally most of these caps will fit any standard hat size from 6 ? inch through to 8. There are small holes along the side of the cap that provide good air circulation, great for ventilation even when working outdoors.

Hard hats are sturdier in their construction and are required on most large construction and industrial types of jobs. Most hard hats will meet the American National Standards Institute or ANSI ratings and checking this is important for compliance with regulations within specific industries. They come in a variety of colors from white to blue, green, orange, yellow and red. Many of the hard hats have venting on the side to allow for air flow, however this is optional and you can find hats without side venting. Like the bump caps the inside suspension is adjustable for a snug fit that keeps the hat correctly positioned while working.

Specialized types of head protection are also available for use as fire and rescue helmets. Although some of the models make them exclusive for fire and rescue work, there are also general use types of helmets that are great for working in areas where a hard hat isn’t practical. Since these helmets have chin straps and greater adjustment they can be secured to the head, great for situations where a lot of movement of the head and neck is required on the job.

Some of the fire and rescue options include wider brims for holding protective glasses and ear and neck protection. This protection is in the form of fire resistant fabric that covers the skin of the ears and neck with flap type coverage. Other options can include separate front and rear height adjustments, visors, face shields and ratchet types of suspension for quick adjustment for any head size.

One of the simple ways to provide a bit of extra advertisement is to customize your head protection gear with a personalized or company logo. Not only does this make your crew recognizable but it also pays off as other contractors and workers see your company name all over the job site.

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